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Recent Developments

~ Healing Ministers' Directory. With listings contributed by interested CHE ministers, we have developed a Healing Ministers' Directory which is available to all CHE clergy.  We hope that the Directory will facilitate consultation and networking among our ministers despite their wide-ranging geographic distribution.

~ Pastoral Service.  Ordination in the CHE qualifies healing ministers to perform many traditional ministerial or pastoral services.  Healing ministers who feel a special calling to pastoral service may formalize their ministry as a pastoral charge under the Church.  Read through our Pastoral Service page for more complete information about this inspired new CHE development.

~ Ministers' Discussion Forum.  An email forum is available for inter-clergy contact and communication, providing an opportunity for discussion and inspiration, professional support, and posting notices.  Healing ministers ordained in the CHE are invited to contact the Church for subscription information.

~ Marriage Law in the United States. We have compiled a detailed nine-page information package titled "U.S. Marriage Laws & the Ministry of Solemnizing Marriages."  This information is available as a PDF document to healing ministers who wish to offer marriage services.  Please contact the Church to order.

~ Marriage Law in Canada.  Marriage law in Canada makes it very difficult for our Canadian healing ministers to qualify to solemnize marriages.  We have prepared an informative 3-page document discussing the state of "Marriage Law in Canada." This Word document is available without charge to Canadian CHE clergy.   If you wish a copy of this document, please contact the Church.

Looking Ahead

~ We continue to add to the CHE list of approved energy healing modalities as more are approved by the Church.  We honor the diversity and depth of our ministers' professional training and healing skills.

~ We will consider making Church Charters available to CHE ministers who are interested in extending their Healing Ministry to a congregation in their community.  Please contact the Church for more information.

Support Services

It is our intention to offer reliable support for our Healing Ministers.  We will respond to your questions, answering briefly all those we are qualified to answer, including questions relating to various healing modalities, technical issues relating to your ministerial practice, how to locate workshop leaders in your area, and anything else of healing/ministerial interest.  If we can't answer your questions, we will help you obtain the information you need from other appropriate sources  

Questions and issues requiring extensive explanation, extended email discussion, or telephone consultations will be available on a reasonable fee basis.

At the outset, you can contact us by sending an email to:  


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