Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Church of Healing Energy

1.  Why would anyone already licensed to practice medicine or psychology or some other therapy also want to be licensed as a healing minister in the Church of Healing Energy?

Practitioners of integrity who already belong to a professional organization with a governing body and Code of Ethics may not need the Church of Healing Energy ~ except to fulfill their spiritual calling.  For them, the Church provides a way to do that, along with a collegial community to nurture their own spiritual growth and development.

2.  You say that the Church of Healing Energy is a church without walls.  How can it be a real church if it has no church building?

A church is a community of people who share certain spiritual or religious beliefs. The building where such people meet and conduct religious services is also called a church.  In recent times, most church communities have had church buildings for their functions.  Although a church can easily exist without a building, a church building is meaningless without its congregation of believers.  A church building without its believers is like a sea shell without its occupant.  

Not all early spiritual movements based their ministry in buildings set aside for religious purposes.  Did the early Christian church have a church building?  Did Jesus have a church building?  No, his church was in the countryside and in community and city gathering places.  His church had no walls.

3.  How did you get a church charter for a church without walls?  
There is no legal requirement that a church have a designated church building in order to become chartered or registered as a corporation. The Church of Healing Energy is incorporated in both the United States and Canada. The reasons we incorporated (chartered) the Church of Healing Energy were (1) to register and protect the name and (2) to make it possible for the organization to do business in the community an accountable manner. These mundane but necessary matters really have nothing to do with the spiritual purpose and function of the Church.  

4.  Is the Church of Energy Healing only for those who choose to connect to Source through the Christian faith?  
No.  The Church of Healing Energy is truly non-denominational.  By that we mean not allied with any particular religious group or organization.  The Church of Healing Energy endorses the principle of freedom of religion and holds that religion is any activity leading to spiritual growth and development.  We have no wish to limit the beliefs or spiritual practice of our ministers.  Since the Church of Healing Energy is a church without the traditional church building ~ walls, pews, pulpit, organ and choir, song and ceremony ~ many healing ministers may still want to attend and participate in activities in other religious organizations.  

5.  If the Church of Healing Energy has no church buildings for meetings, how can the members get together for services?  

Since members of the Church are a community in Spirit, they may gather spiritually as well as physically.  No matter where they happen to be, church members can set aside a special time every day or evening for spiritual practice with other congregants.  Some people who have done this report that they can actually feel the presence of other church members as they join together at their regular prayer time.  Of course, Church ministers and members who live in the same area may choose to meet regularly, whether at the same place every time or at different places over time.  

6.  What does the Church logo represent?

The logo of the Church of Healing Energy features the Buddhist eightfold path to spiritual liberation or enlightenment.  This never-ending interlacing pattern, with its small triangles, squares, and center diamond, reminds us of the infinite unity and exquisite complexity of all that we are within the Oneness of All That Is.  The traditional eight paths to enlightenment are right conduct, right contemplation, right effort, right faith, right occupation, right resolve, right self-awareness, and right speech.  

7.  How can you ordain and license spiritual ministers?

"Ordain" is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as investing "with ministerial or priestly authority...." Ordination then, is the act or ceremony by which one becomes invested with ministerial authority, i.e., is authorized by the church to function as a clergy person.  

At the Church of Healing Energy, we believe that ordination is between the minister and his or her Spiritual Source, whatever the minister conceives that to be.  The Church is prepared to authorize ordination for persons who demonstrate capability and suitability for the healing ministry.  The Ordination Certificate and/or ID card are the minister's license to practice as a healing minister.

8.  Are people paying their $50 US just for a piece of paper and an ID card stating they are ordained?

There probably are people who would pay that amount for those two documents, but they could find cheaper ordination documents if documents were their main objective.  (By the way, the annual ordination renewal offering, a mere $25.00, is definitely a bargain in comparison to most yearly professional license renewals!)  

As we see it, here's what the initial, one-time-only, $50 US pays for in practical terms:
~ Ordination as a healing minister in…
~ a professionally and ethically operated organization
~ that has a published purpose and Code of Ethics
~ that supplies a Minister's Handbook studying and applying the ethical code
~ that provides a license for ministerial practice in healing service
~ that encourages personal, professional, and spiritual development
~ that responds to questions and welcomes feedback
~ that provides spiritually-oriented support and consultation
~ that assists ministers to find appropriate training opportunities
~ that assists ministers to find needed resources (books, websites, etc.)
~ that facilitates communication and consultation among its ministers
~ that provides a Spring and Fall Newsletter supporting professional practice in Healing Ministry.

In less concrete terms, their offering is an investment in:
~ Who They Really Are and...
~ How they want to be Who They Really Are in this life.  

9.  How does the Church use the money from ordination and renewal fees?

Operating expenses of the Church are kept to a bare minimum, with the Directors/officers providing both office necessities and administrative service without pay.  Income from ministers' ordination offerings is used primarily for compassionate outreach.  The primary foci of current Church outreach are material and economic assistance to disadvantaged urban populations as well as financial support for approved organizations which provide medical health services in underserviced areas globally (e.g.,Doctors Without Borders and Operation Smile).  As the Church grows and develops, it may one day provide a reasonable income for the time and effort invested by those who operate the Church.  However, that time has not yet come.

10.  What kind of ordination ceremony does the Church have?

The Church of Healing Energy does not organize or administer an ordination ceremony for its new ministers. Since our ministers reside in communities all across North America, their ministers' identification cards and ordination certificates must be sent to them by mail.  Any local ritual or celebration of ordination is therefore up to the minister.  That may be anything from private prayerful moments to the joy of going shopping for just the right certificate frame to celebration with friends and family.  For some, it will be all three and more.

11.  The Code of Ethics of your church seems to have a lot of restrictions in it.  Can't ministers of the Church be trusted to do good healing work without so many rules and regulations?

Yes, we believe that our ministers can be trusted to conduct their healing service responsibly and effectively.  The Code of Ethics is designed to support and enhance responsible, effective healing service, not to unduly restrict or hinder it.  The Code is a pro-active document provided to assure that no harm comes to the recipient of healing service, the minister offering service, and the Church.  The Code is also designed to maximize the likelihood of the highest good from the healing interaction.  

What is most significant is this: Spiritual healers who are ordained by the Church of Healing Energy have clear and constructive ethical guidelines that protect and enhance their healing practice.  This is particularly important since large numbers of people are being trained in various energy modalities without any obligation to follow a code of ethics.  These non-licensed individuals do not have the ethical and legal advantages provided by the Code endorsed by our ministers.  

In the end, though, we cannot be the conscience of our ministers.  If they manage to become ordained with us for nefarious purposes, then they will have to face their own conscience, the community, and their Maker.  Meanwhile, if we hear of complaints, the Church Board is prepared to take action immediately.  

12.  In Section IV of the church Code of Ethics, it states:  "Healing ministers shall not solicit clients or induce other persons to do so in their behalf, " but earlier in the section, you imply that advertising is an acceptable practice.  Isn't advertising an attempt to "solicit clients?"

Like other healthcare practitioners, healing ministers need ways to publicize their services, seek referrals, and build an active practice. The issue here focuses on the ethics of seeking referrals vs. soliciting clients. The words "solicit" and "induce" suggest persuasion, pressure, or other exertion of influence in order to serve one’s own interests.  There are many ways a healing minister can effectively inform the public of who they are as practitioners, what services they offer, and thereby welcome referrals, without soliciting clients or inducing others to produce clients for their practice.

13.  The words Reverend, Minister and Pastor placed before Jane Doe's name may mean that a good percentage of the public places immediate trust.

It is sad, but paradoxically true, that the abuse history of clergy which has been exposed by the media in recent years will have disabused many persons of such immediate trust.  

14.  What protection does the public have?

Excellent question.  We ourselves ask, what protection has the public had from abuse by clergy, some of whom are no doubt still offending, and almost all of whom have no criminal record at all?  There is a sordid history of abuse conducted by clergy persons while their religious organizations turned a blind eye, deliberately avoided reporting to authorities, and systematically covered tracks.   

We have considered doing a criminal record check.  However, many persons who have committed crimes have no record because they have never been caught.  Others have no criminal record because the harm they do is not considered "criminal."  People have often been harmed when placing their trust in governments, corporations, and professionals of various disciplines.

From the Church of Healing Energy, the public has the protection offered by (1) the minister's certification to abide by the ethical code of the Church, (2) the fact that the Code is published and available to those who have access to the Church website, (3) the minister's duty to provide a copy of the Code of Ethics, including Church contact information, to each individual for whom she or he provides healing service, (4) the clear and stated intention of the Church to suspend or withdraw ordination in case of misconduct, (5) the clear and stated intention of the Church to notify authorities of suspected criminal behavior, (6) the minister's own conscience, and (7) the Love of the Creator.

15.  You seem to have a strong focus on training for your ministers.  Aren't spiritual healers "born," not trained?

At the Church of Healing Energy, we believe that all people have the potential to help themselves and others heal. They can do this by learning to recognize and balance disturbances in the human energy field.  Although some people are "born" with the knowledge of that potential and how to use it, others connect with their natural healing potential through training and/or apprenticing with an advanced teacher-practitioner.  Fortunately, there are many advanced practitioners in the field of energy healing who offer specialized training to those interested in self-healing and healing service to others.  Click here to look at a list of specific energy healing modalities currently approved by the Church.  

There is no legal requirement for training in order to be ordained in the Church.  However, by encouraging training, we are taking a real step forward.  Except for the professional organizations which require extensive ongoing training (and expensive fees), there is no particular inducement for spiritually based healers to undertake continuing education, much less learn and grow in community with other healers.

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