Pastoral Service

Pastoral Service

in the Church of Healing Energy


The Church of Healing Energy is dedicated to supporting humanity's spiritual growth and development through healing service.  Ministers ordained in the Church of Healing Energy serve as facilitators of the healing process, acknowledging that all healing comes from the Spiritual Source.  Through their individual spiritual and energy-based practices, CHE ministers provide healing service in their local communities and, by way of spiritual outreach, to the world community and the environment.

In the course of their healing work, some ministers of the CHE have come to recognize the inspirational and healing value of other ministerial services traditionally considered “pastoral” in nature.  Hence, the following discussion of pastoral service in the CHE.

Healing Ministers and Pastoral Service

Ordination in the CHE licenses its ministers to offer many traditional pastoral services. Healing ministers may conduct church or worship services if they feel that to be a part of their calling.  Healing ministers may lead congregations or other spiritually-oriented groups.  As well, ordination in the CHE qualifies clergy to perform such ceremonies as baptism, funerals and the sacrament of marriage, although Canadian jurisdictions require ordained ministers to meet additional criteria to officiate at weddings.

As experienced counselors and healers, CHE ministers are ideally qualified to provide pastoral care to those who seek their help.  Many CHE ministers also teach self-help and healing techniques to clients and trainees. Clearly, there are many avenues of pastoral service open to ministers ordained in the CHE.

Pastoral Service and the Pastoral Charge

In well-known and long-established churches, ministers are typically assigned to pastoral duty or to a pastoral charge. They are posted to a particular community to minister to a particular population in a particular manner as prescribed by the religious organization.  The charge may involve an existing local church and congregation or require the development of a congregation in a new area. The pastorate may be nearby or at a great distance, perhaps in another country where the pastoral duty is missionary in nature.  The pastoral charge includes a religious doctrine, dogma, or creed which adherents are encouraged to believe and follow along with a formalized or ritualized manner of expressing those beliefs.

It is not the way of the Church of Healing Energy to charge its ministers with a particular pastoral duty, much less assign and send them to a particular pastorate.  The Church recognizes each minister's freedom to choose where, to whom, and how they offer healing service, guided by their own spiritual calling, professional training, and the ethical principles and standards of practice of the CHE.  

As for pastoral doctrine, the non-denominational creed of the CHE outlines the Church's belief in spiritual growth and development through the healing service of harmonizing and balancing the human energy field, always acknowledging that healing derives from the Spiritual Source.  Far from exclusionary, the creed of the CHE may easily embrace followers of any or no religious doctrine even as CHE ministers themselves may belong to and attend any church of their choice.

Healing Ministry as a Pastoral Charge 

If a healing minister of the CHE feels called to take on a pastoral charge, there are ways to do that.  If she feels called to work with groups or lead a congregation, the minister may invite those who share her interest in spiritual growth through healing to meet with her regularly for study and healing practice.  Given their agreement and participation, the members of her healing association will then be her congregants, notwithstanding any affiliation they may have with any other religious organizations.  

A CHE minister may take on a pastoral charge that involves dedication to the spirit of pastoral service but without congregational leadership. If, for example, a healing minister deeply experiences his ongoing healing practice and community service as pastoral in nature, he may choose to affirm that experience as a pastoral charge.  In that case, his clients would be his “gathering of believers,” and the association of those attending the minister's services would be loosely structured so as to be an association not in the physical sense, but in spirit.

Formalizing a CHE Pastoral Charge

Any healing minister of the CHE who recognizes a call to pastoral service and wishes to formalize his or her healing practice as a pastoral charge, may do that through the CHE.  Such ministers are invited to (1) contact the Church with the request that the CHE validate their current or developing ministerial self-assignment as a pastoral charge under the Church and (2) submit for the Directors' consideration a brief description of the spiritual and healing services which they offer in the context of pastoral service.  

Advantages of the Pastoral Charge

For some healing ministers, the simple act of recognizing their healing service as pastoral in nature and identifying themselves with a pastoral charge may support their own spiritual growth and development.  For others, whose healing practice is more clinical in nature, the concept and context of pastoral service may not be of formal interest or import.  Always, it is for all healing ministers to follow their own calling in choosing the context of their service.

In certain jurisdictions, there may be a practical advantage to the CHE healing minister having a pastoral charge.  This may be the case for healing ministers who wish to offer the solemnization of marriage as a ministerial service but the jurisdiction in which they practice requires ordained clergy to have a congregation or pastoral charge to officiate at weddings.  The Church's validation in writing of a healing minister's pastoral charge would support adding the solemnization of marriage to his or her repertoire of pastoral services.  


Just as healing ministers differ widely in their healing modalities and training background, so they may differ in their view of pastoral service as a context for their practice.  The foregoing discussion is offered only to invite CHE healing ministers' consideration of a possible pastoral context to their service.  

We encourage any CHE ministers who feel a deep resonance with the concept of pastoral service to consciously and with loving intention validate their service within that context.  May they grow in spiritual wisdom and strength through that identity.  

Ordained healing ministers who are interested in formalizing their spiritual healing practice as a pastoral charge with the CHE are invited to contact us at or by regular mail:

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