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Church of Healing Energy

"Healing in Spirit"


If you wish to become a legally ordained minister
if you are trained in energy therapy or spiritual healing



The Beginning...

The Church of Healing Energy was founded by Barbara L. Mallory, Ph.D., and Theodore H. Swenson.  Dr. Mallory is an ordained minister and retired psychologist.  Her holistic approach to healing and counseling features heart-centered, energy based modalities for clients' self-help.  To learn more about Dr. Mallory and her work, please visit her web site at  www.feelingfree.net.

Theodore H. Swenson is an ordained minister and former Dean at the University of California Medical Center in San Francisco.  Rev. Swenson holds particular interest in alternative methods of healing, especially spiritual and holistic approaches to well-being.  Rev. Swenson believes people help themselves reach their full human and spiritual potential by taking responsibility for their own health and well-being, seeking appropriate help as needed.

The Church Purpose

“[R]ealizing our spiritual nature is the summum bonum: the highest goal and greatest good of human existence“ according to the perennial philosophy of all the world's great religions.1  It is through spiritual growth and development that we heal, and through healing, that we grow in wisdom and spirit.  It is in that spirit that we foster and embrace healing ministry.

The purpose of the Church of Healing Energy is to ordain and provide professional support to healing ministers who, through healing service, facilitate spiritual growth and development in their clients, in themselves, and in their communities. In the interests of fulfilling this purpose, the Church of Healing Energy is incorporated as a nonprofit organization in both the United States and Canada.

The Church and Ethical Ministry

Through ordination, the Church of Healing Energy licenses its ministers to perform healing services for which they are qualified as well as all other duties of the ministry allowed by local law. That means that you will be a fully and legally ordained minister, a Legal Minister.under the law.  Therefore, the Church requires its ministers to perform their ministerial functions with the utmost integrity.  All healing ministers ordained by the Church certify in writing their commitment to the Church Code of Ethics and provide their clients with a copy of the Code.


Clinical data and scientific research provide convincing evidence of healing effects of spiritual practices and energy therapies. The scientific validation of traditional spiritual wisdom and energy healing principles heralds a new era in holistic health care.

According to Larry Dossey, M.D., former chief of staff at Medical City Dallas Hospital and co-chair of the N.I.H. Panel on Mind/Body Interventions at the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, "Spiritual and religious involvement are believed to add seven or more years, on average, to one's lifespan."2  Furthermore, scientific research has validated significant healing effects of both intercessory prayer and distant healing using intention.3

Dawson Church. Ph.D., founder of the Soul Medicine Institute, writes: "The tools of our consciousness--including our beliefs, prayers, thoughts, intentions, and faith--often correlate much more strongly with our health, longevity, and happiness than our genes do."  Dr. Church asserts that "a vibrant spiritual connection is essential to wellness. That spiritual connection is established in consciousness, and, through intention, can alter the electromagnetic energy fields of the body." 4

Popular energy therapy modalities such as the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT - www.emofree.com) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT - www.tftrx.com) impress with their clinical efficacy and promising research results.5  The effectiveness of the energy healing modalities, Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch, has been validated in both clinical and research settings.6

Empirical research at the Institute of HeartMath has proven that the heart's electromagnetic energy field far out-powers and out-ranges that of the brain. The HeartMath approach to problem solving, cultivates and consults the natural wisdom of coherent heart energy.  HeartMath offers effective applications for large corporations, civic organizations and hospitals, schools and educators, counselors and their clients, and self-help for just-plain-folks with problems.7


The role of the healing minister is to assist people to ease their own pain and to grow spiritually through that experience.  If that is your interest, legal ordination as a healing minister in the Church of Healing Energy may be the way for you.

Licensing in Healing Ministry

The Church of Healing Energy is prepared to license spiritual and energy healers.  By providing ordination in healing ministry, the Church licenses spiritually motivated people who already have the ability to help others heal.  We assist those who want to be legally ordained, but are not yet qualified, to obtain training appropriate to their service goals. The Church is also prepared to offer energy-based health care training workshops from time to time..  

Spiritual Healing Service and Outreach

As practitioners of healing modalities, ministers of the Church are licensed to offer spiritual and energy-based help to those in the community who seek healing and improved well-being.  Our healing ministers are encouraged to extend their caring consciousness and spiritual/energy practice to humanitarian applications which promote health, harmony, and world peace.  

Healing ministers of the Church are invited to expand their healing practice to all living things, to the Earth, and to the Universe Itself.  Thus, healing ministry may be offered to the benefit of All That Is.  Some healing ministers may wish to formalize their pastoral outreach service as a Pastoral Charge with the Church.  

Requirements for Ordination

You may apply for legal ordination in healing ministry with the Church of Healing Energy upon the completion of approved training in spiritual or energy based healing and upon accepting our Code of Ethics.  In addition, we will license healers without formal training who are able to demonstrate to us that they are qualified to practice and who accept our Code of Ethics.

As we make clear in the Code of Ethics and our application process, the ethical imperative for our healing ministers is “Do no harm.” If your intention is to help people, our Code of Ethics is designed to raise your awareness about what "Do no harm" means.  In that way, our Code of Ethics supports you in your goal of helping people. The Healing Minister's Handbook (available to in PDF format) offers a full explanation of the Code along with intriguing case examples of ethical dilemmas healing ministers may face.

Healing Modalities for Ministers

You don't need degrees or titles to be ordained as Healing Minister. All you need is the desire and intention to help other people heal and an appropriate way to do that.  

The spiritual and energy healing methods approved by the Church of Healing Energy are designed to encourage people to take responsibility for their own health and well-being. These modalities also have great potential to support spiritual growth and development. The Church helps make these approved methods accessible to our ministers by providing training or by assisting them to access training and supervision in their area.

If you are not already qualified, perhaps a training workshop or two that we can help you arrange will allow you to fulfill that desire.  If you already know a trainer who offers workshops in a non-intrusive healing modality, we will be happy to consider that modality's acceptability for your use in healing ministry.  The cost of your clinical training will have to be worked out with your local workshop leader.  

Ordination - Application and Outcome

If you have completed appropriate training and practice, you may apply for ordination in the Church of Healing Energy.  Your ordination application will be reviewed by two Directors of the Church.  

When your application is approved, you will receive one full year's licensing as an ordained minister with the Church, an ID card indicating that you are an ordained and licensed Healing Minister, as well as the Healing Ministers' Handbook (PDF format).

The initial offering for ordination is $50 US.  For an additional offering of $25 US, we will provide you with an Ordination Certificate which is suitable for framing.  To keep your ordination current, your license (ID card) must be renewed each year for an offering of $25 US.  Five-year renewals are available for an offering of $100 US, a saving of $25 over time.  

If you have questions regarding qualifications for legal ordination in healing ministry with the Church of Healing Energy, please feel free to contact us at:


For application and document processing or for regular mail please write to us at...

Our address:

Church of Healing Energy
225 Crossroads Blvd., #345
Carmel, CA  93923


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